MAHika Kai

Postponed to 2023

TBC 2023 Lincoln University

Ka whati te tī,
ka wana te tī,
ka rito te tī.

The tī is broken off, the tī puts out new shoots, the tī regains its crown.


200 People



TBC 2023

Ka Wana Te Tī

A call for Conference abstracts will go out in june 2021 for 45 minute presentations within the following areas:

Revitalisation of customary food gathering practices and resources. 

Overcoming legislative barriers towards customary food gathering.

Intergenerational knowledge transfer of customary food gathering practice.

Envionmental sustainability for mahika kai .

Maintaining mahika kai practices.

Commodification of water and its impact on customary food gathering.

Decolonising mahika kai practise.

Collaborative mahika kai projects.

Evolving mahika kai.

conference abstracts are welcome from indigenous mahika kai practitioners, students, leaders, and experts to contribute to the Mahika Kai Conference being held on TBC 2023.

Additional Information

Lincoln University will not be providing accommodation for attendees or participants in 2023.  Christchurch city is 20 minutes from campus or there are local accommodation options in Selwyn.  The programme will follow the previous format of two days in the community amongst tangata whenua and two days of conference presentations.



Please email us at for more information or fill in the enquiry form below.

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